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Arranging Your Slides

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Does this sound like you?

I selected several individual slides to download from CORE. I tried to put them in order before I downloaded them, but it was complicated and took a long time. Is there an easier way?

Or this?

I downloaded a complete presentation and several individual slides from CORE. Now I want to integrate the slides into one presentation. How do I do this?

The answer to both of these questions is: arrange your slides in PowerPoint after you download them from CORE.

Follow these steps for hassle-free slide arrangement.

STEP 1: Select the individual slides and/or complete presentations you want to download from CORE.

STEP 2: Download the slides to your computer. It does not matter how you choose to save them (PPT or ZIP).

STEP 3: When you open the files on your computer, they will open in PowerPoint. Now you can drag-and-drop your slides to arrange them in the order you want. Visit Using the Slide “Views” to learn how to do this.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is very basic. For more detailed information about this topic, please refer to the appropriate section in Microsoft Office PowerPoint Help.

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