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Downloading Individual Slides

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You can use the individual slides in CORE to build your own presentation.

While viewing your search results in the “Slides” tab, scroll up and down on the left side of the screen to see the available slides. To see a larger image of any slide, roll your mouse over the thumbnail.

Show Speaker Notes

Click on “Show Speaker Notes” to see the notes that accompany each slide. The notes are intended to be used by presenters to verbally convey key points to learners. Since some slides may contain little or no text, the speaker notes are an important part of the slides. Speaker notes will download with slides.

Add Slide

Click the “Add Slide” button to select a slide for your presentation. The screen will refresh and the slide will appear in the center square. You can add as many slides as you wish. Each new slide you add will automatically appear as the bottoms slide. Scroll up and down in the center square to see all of the slides you have selected.

Move Slide / Remove Slide

You can organize the slides you selected for your presentation by clicking on these buttons. To move a slide up or down one space in the presentation, click the “Up 1” or “Down 1” button, and then click “Move Slide.” You can also move a slide to the top or bottom of your presentation by clicking the “Top” or “Bottom” button, and then clicking “Move Slide.” If you no longer want a slide in your presentation, click “Remove Slide.”

NOTE: It may be easier to organize your presentation in PowerPoint after you have downloaded slides from CORE. For more information on how to do this, please click here.

Slide Count in Your Presentation and Download File

Here you can see how many individual slides you have selected for your presentation. When you have selected all the slides you want to include in your presentation, you may download them to your own computer or disc. Decide whether you want to download your presentation as a PowerPoint file (PPT) or as a compressed file (ZIP) and click on the appropriate button before clicking “Download File.” (ZIP files are usually smaller than PowerPoint files, and can save space when downloaded.)

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